Custom fit-out

At Onyx Business Parks, we understand that every business has unique needs. Our role is to provide the ideal blank canvas that can be customised and fitted out to your exact requirements. Individual units start from 1,000 square feet and come as a shell or with mezzanine floor (either half or full-length). Many of our clients purchase two or more units to create the ideal space for their requirements.

Discuss your requirements

Tailored to your needs

Our units are truly multi-functional, allowing you to acquire a business space that fully meets your unique needs. Here’s how we help:


Procurement and generation of near-zero and zero carbon, renewable energy across our portfolio

Needs assessment

Our team will work with you on a thorough assessment to understand your specific requirements. On the back of this we will be able to identify the most suitable build configuration from the units available. Where necessary we will try to re-arrange existing reserved space to accommodate this

Design collaboration

We will work closely with you to create a layout that suits your business operations. If you reserve multiple units, and depending on the build stage, we can adapt our plans to remove walls between units or create openings on one or both levels (for mezzanine units)

Specialised installations

We will work with your designers and fitters to help ensure the space we provide is ready to be fitted out for use. This is especially valuable where your business requires specialised equipment or features

Custom design and build projects

If you need something truly one-of-a-kind we also design and develop bespoke buildings which are one-off, modern, commercial projects built to our clients’ specifications. Read more about our design and build service here